How to Teach Old Norse

Teaching the Language of the Vikings!

Old Norse is a fascinating language, rich with history and culture. But teaching Old Norse can be intimidating. We’ve compiled resources that can help inspire you and your classroom to begin a journey deep into the world of the Vikings.

An Accessible and Affordable Textbook

All of our teaching resources are designed with our Viking Language textbooks in mind. These textbooks have everything you need to teach Old Norse, including grammar, vocabulary, and exercises. Take your classroom on a journey deep into Icelandic sagas, heroic legends, Viking runes, Old Norse mythology and history.

Teaching Materials


The following “syllabi” or course assignment schedules are for teachers and self learners to download. They have been used successfully by teachers for both quarter and semester courses. Please feel free to change or alter them to fit your own requirements. If you intend to teach just a single course, whether for a quarter or semester, this also works and the students will get a good grasp of the basics. For such a single course, you might step up the tempo to include a few more lessons.

Quizlet Exercises

The above sample syllabi integrate Quizlet exercises into the weekly lessons. Quizlet provides flashcards to test your student’s knowledge, and also offers review games perfect for preparing your students for quizzes and tests.

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Welcome to our site,! We seek to educate on Old Norse teaching Old Scandinavian language, culture, and sagas. Learn Old Norse–the language the runes and myths of the Vikings–through user-friendly textbooks, online content, and blog. Here you will find books, free content, audio resources, and a community of Old Norse students to aid teachers,…

Everything you need to Learn Old Norse.

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