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Solving one of Viking Age Britain’s greatest mysteries

To see more Viking articles, click here. David Keys considers a discovery that sheds fresh light on gold, silver, sacred relics and fear in the medieval era. Archaeologists have determined that a treasure cache, discovered by metal detectorists in Scotland seven years ago, is the richest and most complex Viking era hoard ever found in Britain. The findingContinue reading “Solving one of Viking Age Britain’s greatest mysteries”

A picture of Leif Eirksson's statue in Reykjavík, Iceland

Viking Age Iceland: Weather and Materials

This is Part 18 of our ongoing series about Viking Age Iceland. For centuries, this island country, unique in Medieval Europe, operated with no king, no great lords, no foreign policy, and no defense forces but which developed legal and judicial systems to limit the violence of bloodfeud and protect the rights of freemen. Far out in the North Atlantic, Iceland was where theContinue reading “Viking Age Iceland: Weather and Materials”


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