Danevirke – The Great Viking Wall

To see more Viking articles, click here. The Danevirke is system of large defensive earthworks and walls that stretches across the neck of the Cimbrian peninsula in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The defences run for 30km (19 miles), starting at the Viking trading settlement of Hedeby near Schleswig on the Baltic Sea coast in the east, toContinue reading “Danevirke – The Great Viking Wall”

Viking Age Iceland: The Levelling Process

This 58 of our ongoing series about Viking Age Iceland. For centuries, this island country, unique in Medieval Europe, operated with no king, no great lords, no foreign policy, and no defense forces but which developed legal and judicial systems to limit the violence of bloodfeud and protect the rights of freemen. Far out in the North Atlantic, Iceland was where the famousContinue reading “Viking Age Iceland: The Levelling Process”

Secrets of Scotland’s Viking Age Hoard

To see more Viking articles, click here. A massive cache of Viking silver and Anglo-Saxon heirlooms reveals the complex political landscape of ninth-century Britain By JASON URBANUS Twenty-two pieces of silver bullion, including both raw ingots and flattened Viking arm rings, were discovered in the Galloway Hoard. Arm rings such as these, which are usuallyContinue reading Secrets of Scotland’s Viking Age Hoard