Swedish runestones open gateway to ancient Viking civilization

To see more Viking articles, click here. By Justin Calderon, CNN. Vallentuna, Sweden (CNN) — Drive north of the Swedish capital for about half an hour and you’ll reach the lakeside district of Vallentuna, a pleasant community with cobblestone churches, picnic areas and playgrounds.It’s also a journey deep into Sweden’s ancient Viking past.Scattered among Vallentuna’s greeneryContinue reading “Swedish runestones open gateway to ancient Viking civilization”

Viking Age Iceland: Iceland’s Settlers

This is Part 4 of our ongoing series about Viking Age Iceland. For centuries, this island country, unique in Medieval Europe, operated with no king, no great lords, no foreign policy, and no defense forces but which developed legal and judicial systems to limit the violence of bloodfeud and protect the rights of freemen. Far out in the North Atlantic, Iceland was where theContinue reading “Viking Age Iceland: Iceland’s Settlers”

Beads Found in 3,400-year-old Nordic Graves Were Made by King Tut’s Glassmaker

By Philippe Bohstrom, Posted on haaretz.com, Mar 09, 2016 Cobalt glass beads found in Scandinavian Bronze Age tombs reveal trade connections between Egyptians and Mesopotamia 3,400 years ago — and similar religious rituals.   Stunning glass beads found in Danish Bronze Age burials dating to 3400 years ago turn out to have come from ancientContinue reading “Beads Found in 3,400-year-old Nordic Graves Were Made by King Tut’s Glassmaker”