Material for Teachers of Old Norse

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The following “syllabi” or course assignment schedules are for teachers and self learners to download. They were designed for quarter and semester courses, and even better they have been used successfully by several teachers. Please feel free to change or alter them to fit your own requirements. If you intend to teach just a single course, whether for a quarter or semester, this also works and the students will get a good grasp of the basics. For such a single course, you might step up the tempo to include a few more lessons.

1st Quarter Syllabus PDF

2nd Quarter Syllabus PDF

1st Semester Syllabus PDF

2nd Semester Syllabus PDF

The Mosfell Archaeology Project

Mosfell Archaeologcal Project homepage

Article: “Viking Archaeology, Sagas, and Interdisciplinary Research in Iceland’s Mosfell Valley” (PDF)

Article: “A Viking-Age Valley in Iceland: The Mosfell Archaeological Project” (PDF)

Online Exercises & Answer Keys

Quizlet Vocabulary lists and practice exercises. Online teaching and learning exercises with games and quizzes for Viking Language Vol. 1 (Lessons 1-15). See the above sample syllabi (course lists), which integrate these quizlet exercises into the weekly lessons: click here for Quizlet exercises

Answer Keys to Viking Language 1
Answer Key to 1st Edition of Viking Language I: download PDF
Answer Key to 2nd Edition of Viking Language I: download PDF
Answer Key to Altnordisch 1: Altisländisch
            (German) Lösungsschlüssel zu Altnordisch I ÜbungenPDF herunterladen

Ferðalok – Journey’s End TV Series
Here is a trailer giving a short introduction to a six-part Icelandic television series examining the Icelandic Sagas from an archaeological and literary view.

How Old Icelandic might have sounded

Viking Language 1, Lesson 10: Beached Whales in Iceland. 

Lesson 10 describes a passage from Grettir’s Saga offering some of the most detailed information in the medieval sources about the value of beached whales. Bloated and raised to the surface by the gases of decay in their stomachs and bowels, these dead creatures were huge treasures. Individuals and allies were prepared to fight for possession when whale carcasses washed ashore following storms. Below is part of the saga passage taught in the lesson.

Grettir’s Saga, ch.12
“…Um várit kom veðr mikit af norðri; þat helzk nær viku. Eptir veðrit könnuðu menn reka sína. Þorsteinn hét maðr, er bjó á Reykjanesi. Hann fann hval rekinn innan fram á nesinu, þar sem hét at Rifskerjum: þat var reyðr mikil. Hann sendi þegar mann til Flosa í Vík ok svá til næstu bœja….Flosi kom fyrst ok þeir Víkrmenn; þeir tóku þegar til skurðar ok var dreginn á land upp sá [hvalr], er skorinn var. Í því kómu Kaldbeklingar með fjögur skip. Þorgrímr veitti tilkall til hvalsins ok fyrirbauð Víkrmönnum skurð ok skipti ok brautflutning á hvalnum…”