Old Norse Links & Sources

This is a list of Old Norse resources compiled by vikinglanguage.com. It comprises materials we have collected or been referred to by Viking Language FB Group members. It is a work in progress and in no way a complete list.  Don’t forget to also visit our videos page for documentaries, lectures, and field visit videos!

Open Access Resources – Old Norse Databases and Libraries

Open Access Library (general): http://www.gutenberg.org/ AND https://archive.org/details/texts

Viking Society Web Publications
Icelandic Saga Database
Heimskringla Wiki
Medieval Nordic Text Archive 

The Northvegr Center
Old Norse Texts Online
Old Norse Resources (by Paul Langeslag)
List of ON links (compiled by compiled by Patricia Boulhosa)
Skaldic Poetry database


Old Norse Vocabulary

Vikings of Bjornstad, English to Old Norse Dictionary

Vikings of Bjornstad, Old Norse to English Dictionary

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose

Bragi óðfræðivefur

Beyingarlýsing íslensks nútímamáls

Islex Dictionary (with pronunciation)

Vocab Flash Card page

Annotated Saga Text

Blogs and Pages on Old Norse and Viking & Medieval Subjects:

Other Interesting Sites

Vikings of Bjornstad: (Offers many aspects of Old Norse living history and education concentrating on the Viking Age, from 793 to 1066, as well as a handy English to Old Norse and Old Norse to English dictionary.)

Sagnakort, Iceland

Norse Mythology for Smart People

The Icelandic Web of Science