The Old Norse Reader, Viking Language 2

Viking Language 2: The Old Norse Reader introduces and takes the learner deep into Viking Age sources, with a wide selection of original Icelandic and runic texts about Scandinavian gods, vikings, and beliefs. A workbook providing all the tools to read complete sagas and learn Norse mythic and heroic tales and ancient verse.

The Old Norse Reader is a workbook for classes and the self-learner. It offers a wide collection of unabridged original texts to accompany Viking Language 1. It teaches Old Norse prose, runic verse as well as eddic and skaldic poetry. Selections range from The Doom of the Gods at the final battle Ragnarok to descriptions of the ring of power, the gold of the dwarves, and the long winter. The Norse stories that inspired Wagner’s Ring Cycle, J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones.

The Old Norse Reader (Viking Language 2) takes the student directly into the Viking World with introductions, history,  maps, and cultural discussions. It includes a comprehensive Old Norse Reference Grammar and an extensive vocabulary. Viking Language 2 is an indispensable source for learning about Vikings, Iceland, and the Old Scandinavian world.

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